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On the same theme….

April 20, 2010

On the same theme.  Hey bloggees.  What’s the theme?  Why, sanity, of course.  Too bad I’m not qualified to write about it.  Insanity is more my line of work.  But I try.

So, to that end, on my blogroll to the right, I have added a link to a blog called Fit Writer, written by another writer out there who has some information about getting up and doing a few things to stay fit and sane while writing.  Thanks Elan.

I have a little something to contribute to the process, I guess.  One thing is a little affirmation (don’t laugh, yes I use them) posted on my cork board to the right.  In fact, I have lots of stuff like that all around me in my little office space.  The walls are like the cell of a mad monk, plastered with paper and all sorts of doo-dads.

So here goes.  Taken off my wall.


A Deep Breath

Surrender to the Process

Showing up for the Pages Everyday

To Remain Present,

 even when You want to Run

To Sit in the Middle of the Floor

and Wait for Inspiration,

when You Don’t Know What to Do

All these are Acts of Faith

Feel free to use, if it helps.

And ending on the same theme,  I’m going out for a long walk.

Love & Perseverance

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