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It’s all in the details

May 7, 2010

It’s all in the details.  Hello Bloggees, and Happy Friday.  That title – you sort of see it everywhere, don’t you?  I thought twice about using it for just that reason, but then I thought, “No, that really is what I want to say.”  You see, at first I thought I would title this Cafe in the Sun (or plural thereof) but then I realized that would never do because it’s so much more than that.

So, here goes.  I felt kind of tired this morning and the sun was shining so I thought I would skip yoga and walk up the street to my local cafe to get a large cup of strong coffee and a scone.  I took my notebook with me, because, as you probably know by now, I’m sort of geeky like that.

Anyway, I was sitting in the sun at a corner table, writing away, when suddenly I was flooded by the awareness of conversation, and relationship, going on around me.  The funny thing was, everyone was talking about food. 

Two young mothers at the table across from me were talking about the best way to make vegan chocolate pudding (and watch out for making it too starchy), a crew of painters taking a break were talking about pork chops (some girl’s cooking, along with a couple of other treats he had sampled last night), and a man and a woman near the front door were speaking in a language I didn’t understand–maybe Ethiopian?–but whatever it was she was quite vehement about it, and punctuated her conversation by tearing off large pieces from a baguette and popping them into her mouth.

And I felt the commonality of our lives and I felt like I belonged, like I was integral to the scene, like I was supposed to be there; sitting at a table in the sun, with my notebook and pen, and my scone–corn/cherry no less.

And then I immediately thought about how different  this was to the way I used to feel.  I never used to go to a cafe and sit in the sun.  I never felt like I belonged.  I lived in a motel.  I woke up at noon, went to go get some chinese food, came home, ate, took a nap, then got up, put on my makeup and got ready to go to work.  Out on the streets.  Because that’s where I thought I belonged.  I was isolated and alone, trapped in a world I thought I deserved, unaware that I was trapped.  I couldn’t even conceive of a life otherwise.

And then just that quickly, I was spun back to the present, back to my sunny corner table in a cafe, back to my life today.  A life that’s not always what I want it to be, and maybe not always what I think it should be, but definitely, definitely, greater than I ever imagined it could be.

Life, Freedom, Happiness.  It’s all in the details.

Love & Perseverance

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