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Letting Go of the Won’ts

January 2, 2011

Hey there Friends and Bloggees.  Whew! It’s been a  long haul. That’s right.  Look below and you’ll see the last time I was out here was November 13.    Been carrying around alot of won’ts. If you know what I mean.  But in 2011 I’m going to try to try to unload them, let them go.

What’s a won’t?  Glad you asked.

I don’t know about you, but my won’ts look like big roughhewn sandstone blocks.  Oh, about the size of the ones that went into making the pyramids.  Believe me, when they get stacked up they’re hard to get around.

You see, I’ve always had this idea that my will, that thing that pushed and moved me hither and thither, banging me like a pinball around the universe from one calamity to another was THE problem. 

I came to think, “If I can just get this stupid will under control and into alignment the rest is gravy.  No more problems for me.  Yes sirree, Bob. ”

Wrong again.

What I failed to realize was that all that will had left behind a big pile of won’ts.

Won’ts like…

I won’t have enough to give,

I won’t have enough energy,

I won’t have enough time,

I won’t be good enough.

Or how about…

I won’t know how to do it.  So I better not do it at all.

I won’t do it perfectly.  So why bother.

I won’t be a big success.  So what’s the use.

You get the picture.  Frustrating isn’t it?  After all, how can I get anything done with all those won’ts standing in the way?

So, like so many of us out there at this time of year, prone to New Year’s Resolutions, I have decided that I too, will make a resolve.

To let go of the won’ts.

Love & Perseverance

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